Creative Bird Enthusiast Makes LEGO Birds… 10,000 Supporters Successfully Urge LEGO To Mass-Produce Them


LEGO blocks are a classic toy many generations have enjoyed over the years. You may never see the classic colored building blocks the same way again after seeing these bird replicas made 100% from LEGO blocks. Creative gardener and tree surgeon Thomas Poulsom recently picked up some LEGO building blocks and channeled his passion for birds, creating LEGO bird replicas that are out of this world amazing.

Poulsom originally showcased his LEGO bird creations on Flikr about one year ago. He says, “…they were received by the viewers incredibly well. I try to put life in to the LEGO bricks by recreating the shape, posture and character as well as I can.”

Poulsom quickly earned 10,000 votes through LEGO Ideas in support of his creation. As a result, 3 different bird replica kits are now being mass-produced by LEGO, and are scheduled to hit stores sometime this month.

The First Three Birds Scheduled For Release:


In an interview with twobirdersandbinoculars, Poulson says, “I have always been a fan of LEGO, and a big admirer of the natural world, rekindling my love for LEGO two years ago and building what most boys would build, cars, trucks and spaceships, etc. However, being a gardener and a lover of nature I wanted to build something related to my job. One day during a break from digging in a customers garden a Robin Red Breast landed on my fork handle. This was the eureka moment behind what is now the LEGO Bird Project.”

Bobby Robin helps out in the garden

This helpful little bird inspired the entire thing! Poulsom explains that while he was taking a break from gardening a client’s yard one day a Robin Red Breast landed on his fork handle. He says, “This was the eureka moment behind what is now the LEGO Bird Project and that evening Bobby the Robin was born.”


The original Bobby Robin now lives with his mother, ” as a thank you for buying me my first LEGO kit as a child.”

Woody Woodpecker

After building his first LEGO bird he wanted to try making different variations. And so we meet Woody Woodpecker!


These awesome creations clearly take time to form, although Poulsom says the actual amount of time differs significantly. Sometimes it takes several days to complete one bird, while other times a bird can be started and finished in one evening.

The biggest challenge that Poulsom faces is getting the shape just right, and with every different type of bird comes new challenges. As he always works to properly space out and color the eyes, beak, and other body parts so that they are realistic.

Leeto and Latifah the LoveBirds


Victor The Violet-eared Hummingbird


Stormy The Snowy Owl


Gloria Goldfinch


Tommy The Turkey


Kaimi the Kiwi


Poulsom begins his creative process by doing research on birds in order to gain inspiration. “If I see a photo of a bird I like, I will then see whether the markings are possible to match up with the colours available in LEGO.”

Kingsley Kingfisher


Marky Macaw Explores


Tiago the Toco Toucan


Cheeky Little Peter


Sophie the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Dodo the American Dipper


Chris the Crimson Rosella


Horace the Hyacinth Macaw


Poulsom has made too many birds to fit inside of the small apartment he calls home. He says many are packed away carefully in boxes, where many fans wish to get their hands on them!

Rocky the Rock Hopper Penguin


Poulsom’s ultimate goal is to create a LEGO bird replica for at least 1% of the world’s known bird species, which translates to over 100 birds.

Carona Canary


Amber the Azure Kingfisher


Photo Credits: FlickrLEGO Ideas