A Coworker Asked This Guy To Watch Her Plant While She Went Out Of Town. Here’s What He Did


It’s one of the oldest jokes in the book, someone asks you to ‘watch’ something and so you literally watch it. One guy that works at an IT firm in Augusta, Georgia took the old joke to a whole new and actually funny level. When his coworker asked him to watch her plant while she went out of town for 4 days, he happily agreed, and even documented his countless adventures with the potted plant.

The typical office plant doesn’t get to go on many, if any, adventures. Instead, office plants hear the endless typing of keyboards, phones ringing, and people gabbing. Some indoor office plants don’t even get to experience the rays of the sun without the annoying glass windows being in the way. Thanks to this diligent plant sitter, one office plant has experienced a world of fun, visiting numerous popular spots throughout Georgia, playing in the park, and even learning how to drive.

Everyone needs coffee in the morning! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the first time the plant ever visited the office break room. 


With coffee comes great conversation! 


According to the show Mythbusters, plants really do grow better when you play music for them, perhaps chit chatting has a similar impact.

Drinking coffee also produces the urge to pee… as well as what the guy in the next stall over is up to. 


Care to take a walk with me? The plant gets to enjoy fresh air, and meeting some of its wild family members that don’t live in pots.


Oh goody, a park! The perfect chance to push the plant down a slide, but oh so carefully.


Meet the most well behaved kid at the whole park…


Playing Titanic, how romantic… too bad the plant is not a “rose.” Get it?


When Titanic gets old, there’s always The Lion King!


Well that was fun, what next Ms. Plant? 


Guess it’s time to go back to work. Judging by the photo, the plant wasn’t as good at driving as he had hoped for. The first major issue: the plant forgot to pull down the parking break… it’s back to drivers education!


When the workday gets slow it’s time for a Star Wars inspired lightsaber battle! 


Unfortunately, work is not all fun and games, sometimes you have to actually work. 


Good thing he’s watching the plant around the clock, this plant knows how to get into some serious trouble. You take your eyes away for one minute and the plant instates an all out water war!


After trying to start a water gun fight while on the clock the plant was put back on the leash.


Time to play some more! Foosball anyone? Good thing no one knocked the plant over…


When the plant sitter has to give a presentation, the plant helps click along the slideshow.


Thanks to Ms. Plant a promotion was secured… for the plant of course. 


Time for a video game duel… plant vs. man vs. machine.


Never let video games completely rot your brain out. Always save time to explore the fine arts and nature…


And here is where the plant sitter gets a little irresponsible. Didn’t you ever hear NOT to play on the train tracks? 


Time to reflect on how lonely life will be when the plant’s rightful owner returns…


This plant is very tired


When you leave your plant in the care of someone else you always take on the risk you could come back to a dead plant. Thankfully, this plant owner came home to find her plant in perfect condition, with a plethora of new experiences buried beneath its soil.

Photo Credits: CreaminFreeman