12 Of The Coolest Frogs And Toads From Around The World


“You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince,” this classic fairytale saying gives frogs a bit of a bad rep. While most of us don’t want to kiss a slimy frog, we can at least appreciate their adorable sounds, hip-hop travel patterns, and unique qualities. In fact, frogs and toads are a whole lot cooler than they are often given credit for, and most are nice too.

Despite how cool frogs really are they are in rapid decline. In fact, 1/3 of all frog species are in danger of extinction. Many scientists view amphibians as a biological indicator for the greater health of our entire ecosystem, meaning we are in big trouble. If you want your children and children’s children to enjoy the vast range of species we are lucky to have today we must all do our part to fight for and protect the environment.

Not all frogs are the same boring shade of green; in fact there are thousands of different types of frogs found all around the world. There are flying frogs, frogs that look identical to leaves, and frogs splashed in all kinds of vibrant colors. Some frogs are smaller than one inch, while others can reach as big as 12.6 inches.

You will listen to the frogs outside with new appreciation tonight after seeing this list of the coolest frogs and toads around the world.

1. Flying Frog


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Mossy Frog


Photo Credit: Mariska Boertjens

3. Muscular-Looking Frog


Photo Credit: 

4. Black Rain Frog


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. Indian Bullfrog


Photo Credit: all-that-is-interesting.com

6. Camouflaged Toads Look Just Like Leaves


Photo Credit: Christian Ziegler

7. Cuban Tree Frog Eating A Lightbulb Becomes Glow In The Dark


Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. Amazing Camouflage Capabilities


Photo Credit: Mariska Boertjens

9. Hungry Lil Guy


Photo Credit: all-that-is-interesting.com

10. Real Life Kermit The Frog


Photo Credit: cramphibian.com

Click here for more about the real-life Kermit the Frog found living in Costa Rica.

11. Atelopus Frog


Photo Credit: Galaxy FM

12. Hunting Pals


Photo Credit: Galaxy FM

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