Hydaway, The Collapsible Reusable Water Bottle That You Can Fit In Your Pocket


Every single minute some 90,000 plastic bottles are thrown away. This only contributes to the monstrous trash problem we highlighted in a recent post featuring heartbreaking photos of pollution.

Instead of being part of the problem you can be part of the solution with the latest collapsible reusable water bottles known as Hydaway. The inventor of these neat eco-friendly water bottles is Oregon, USA-based Niki Singlaub.

Singlaub was motivated by the major trash problem devastating planet Earth to create this awesome invention that makes your life easier and considerably reduces strain on the environment.

The water bottle is made of non-toxic, food-grade silicone and can store up to 21 oz (600 ml). When not in use it can collapse to slightly over 3.2 cm (1.25 inches) tall.


The bottle also has its perks for travelers; something Singlaub realized while on a business trip. Before you reach security you can quickly drink up your water, crush down the bottle and slip it in your pocket or carry-on. Once you make it through security you can find a water fountain and fill your collapsible water bottle back up.

This saves you from having to purchase a $6 water bottle at an overpriced gift shop while waiting for your plane, and it also prevents you from tossing out more than one water bottle in a span of a few hours.



The Hydaway collapsible reusable water bottle was originally invented in June of 2012. Once development was complete a Kickstarter campaign was launched in April of 2015. In less than one month the campaign was able to raise $263,086 with 5,783 backers. This surpassed all goals and expectations Singlaub had going into this adventure.




The water bottle is available in a variety of colors and two sizes for only $20. Start saving the planet today and order your collapsible reusable water bottle here!

Photo Credits: hydawaybottle.comKickstarterFacebook

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