4-Year-Old Girl Was Afraid To Wear Dress To Cinderella Movie, So Her Uncle Did This


4-year-old Izzy was all excited to dress up for the latest Cinderella movie, until she got nervous that no one else was going to dress up. Izzy didn’t want to be the only wearing a princess costume at the theater, even though she looked so darn cute in her colorful dress and matching tiara.

Her devoted uncle, Jesse Nagy wasn’t going to let his little niece miss out on the fun of dressing up, so he made sure she wasn’t the only one in costume for Disney’s new Cinderella live action movie. In order to ensure she was in good company he put on his own princess costume, even though he’s really a prince.

Jesse is the last person you would expect to see wearing a dress. The 26-year-old actor is muscular and tattooed, but he’s clearly manly enough to pull off the sweet Cinderella costume with the grace of real royalty.

Jesse borrowed the blue and purple crystal-accented prom dress from a female friend, and topped it off with pretty red handbag and sparkly tiara. He did opt for flip-flops instead of glass heels, but other than that his outfit is spot-on princess perfect, just like Izzy’s!


The up and coming actor from Michigan will do anything to make his adorable niece smile, including wearing a dress in public. Jesse said, “If it’s going to make her happy, I’ll do it. I don’t care.”

His act of kindness is being awarded with all kinds of praise on social media. The down to earth dude writes on his Facebook page, “Some have said they hope my new found popularity doesn’t change me, my response is sincere: thank you for valuing my character enough to not want to lose it. It has happened to some, but I am just me; and I’m pretty happy with myself as I am.”


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