This Church Will Disappear In Front Of Your Eyes – And It’s Not A Magic Trick


If you see this church from a certain angle, you’ll be sure that is in fact a church. You might even start to walk towards it. It is the only church in the immediate area, so you might be thinking, “ah-ha! I have finally found a church!”

But just as you get a little too excited, you will start to notice the church is disintegrating before your very eyes.

At first, just the right side body of the building begins to fade into the surrounding green scenery, and then before you know it, the whole church is practically invisible.

So what is this church, and how does it appear visible one moment, and invisible the next? Take a look at these photos of the mysteriously vanishing church to see for yourself, one minute it’s there and the next it’s gone!


The church may appear to be a figment of you imagination, but it is actually a real standing structure. It is called, “Reading between The Lines.” This truly unique work of art was created by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and unveiled on September 24th, 2011.

Since than it has earned a lot of attention and visitors, as there is nothing else quite like it. You will find it back in the rolling hills of a rural town in Limburg, Belgium, but that’s only if you are looking at the church from just the right angle. If you look at this church from the wrong angle, you won’t find anything at all!

But take another peak, because all 30 tons of steel and 2000 columns used to construct the ‘vanishing’ church are very much real. One thing that will not disappear, no matter how you approach, is the armed concrete that the building sits atop.


From each angle, the church fades away more and more, until the entire thing is a sheer structure.

The artists used horizontal plates to craft the frame of the church so that it  appears ‘whole’ only from certain angles. Depending on where you are standing you will either see a full standing structure, a partial structure, or mostly scenery and very little church.

In the image below, the church is almost entirely gone, yet the spirit of the church lives on, and can still faintly be seen. Just like the passing of anything great, it leaves behind an impression strong enough to capture attention and inspire a fresh outlook.


Unlike most pieces of architectural art, the church does not serve any real purpose or function. It was crafted to be more of a visual experience, and that it surly is.

The artists behind this church say that it can serve as inspiration, or point to the fact that no matter what stage of deterioration an old church is in, it can always serve some sort of purpose. After all, even though this church is full of holes from certain angles, it is still a treasured piece of art.


The local contemporary art museum, located in the city of Hasselt, has been running a project titled, “Art in Public Space.” This movement includes the work of 10 or so artists displayed throughout the Borgloon-Heers region. The Reading between the Lines artwork is considered a part of this collection.

Take a step inside the invisible church walls, and you will see some parts of the structure still appear more whole from certain angles. Each angle holds a new aspect worth noticing and depending on how you look it, a different story emerges. Isn’t that the beauty of art at its finest?


What sort of symbolism do you take from this modern work of architectural art?

Photo Credits: lessonslearnt, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh