Anna Mo’s Extremely Chunky Knits Look Like Giants Knit Them


There are knit blankets and then there are these chunky knits by Ukraine-based artist Anna Mo. The talented artist uses three-inch stitches and custom-made two-inch-thick needles to craft sweaters and scarves fit for a giant. It’s the gargantuan nature of each knit that makes Mo’s creations truly stand out.

While blankets are comforting no matter how they’re made, these chunky knits offer the ultimate security blanket to get lost under. With each swoop of the knitting needle all imperfections are magnified, making Mo’s job much harder than usual. She doesn’t mind as she uses knitting as a hand-based escape from her head-based job.

All of Mo’s chunky knits are made with love by hand from 100% Australian Merino wool, which is soft, warm and absolutely perfect for curling up underneath or wearing against bare skin. With the first day of summer just around the corner (June 21st) you will have to wait a while to use this blanket in the chill of winter, but these knits are so tempting you’ll likely want to blast your AC and prematurely overindulge in the chunky comfort.

You can purchase Mo’s knits, yarn and giant needles through her Etsy shop Ohhio. All of her creations come in a wide variety of colors, offering something for everyone, regardless if you are a giant or not!


A chunky knit scarf made by Mo will cost you around $100, a knit cap somewhere in the ballpark of $80, and large super chunky blankets are around $416. Mo also sells large wooden needles and super thick yarn for anyone that wants to try and create their own giant-approved knit accessories. With over 51 excellent reviews her work is clearly as nice in person as it looks online!


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