Russian Photographer Elena Karneeva Captures Children And Animals Cuddling In Cute Photoshoots


Animals and children share the same sweet innocence. As a result, the bond young children share with animals is unmatched. Russian photographer Elena Karneeva taps into this blissful innocence with her adorable photo shoots of children and animals cuddling.

As always, kids are full of lessons for us adults. The animals in these photo shoots include pigs, goats and foxes (just to name a few), magnificent creatures that are often misused and abused by humans, eaten for food or killed for their fur.

These images highlight the true relationship that should exist between humans and animals, one of respect and love instead of greed and ignorance.

Based in Moscow, Elena Karneeva is a professional child and family photographer. Be sure and check out her website to see more of her awesome work, including additional sweet photos of children and animals cuddling, as well as much more!


Elena Karneeva was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and she continues to live there today with her own family. The photographer studied at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering.


Elena regularly holds workshops and photo shoots where she works with children and animals, creating breathtaking images such as these.

Who wouldn’t want this talented photographer to capture images of their child playing with gorgeous creatures? Talk about photos to treasure forever!



While adults learn to distrust or avoid certain animals, children don’t have these same preconceptions. As a result, children are happy to make friends with all creatures. A quality we should strive to maintain despite what modern society stresses.










These incredible images bring to mind another photographer from Russia we have showcased before, Elena Shumilova.


Don’t forget to check out Elena’s Facebook, Instagram, 500px, and official website for more inspiring photos!

Photo Credits: karneeva.ru500pxFacebookInstagram