21 Funniest Bar & Café Chalkboard Signs You’ve Ever Seen


Bars and cafes use chalkboard signs displayed out front as a way to advertise menu specials, upcoming events or entertain and lure potential customers. These signs are found all over, in small towns, big cities, college areas, coastal communities and pretty much everywhere. Most of the time these chalk-written signs are pretty straightforward and not too funny, but some are clever enough to warrant taking a photo and maybe even posting it online.

A number of eateries and bars are getting rather creative with their chalkboard signs, taking it past the traditional ‘Muffin Sale’ or ‘Group Poetry Reading This Friday.’ For example, take a peek at this list of the funniest bar and café chalkboard signs ever.

1. Drink Like Dory

funny-bar-signs-53__700Photo Credit: Whitaker999

2. Would Vodka Ever Lie To You!?

funny-bar-signs-26__700Photo Credit: Psychoprozac

3. Warning To All Parents

funny-bar-signs-42__700Photo Credit: WhereDidYouComeFromWhereDidYouGo

4. Well That’s Not Very Nice…

XX-Funny-Bar-Signs16__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. Don’t Forget To Read The Small Print

XX-Funny-Bar-Signs5__700Photo Credit: lilcox 

6. Pilates Vs. Pie and Lattes

funny-bar-signs-561__700Photo Credit: cosmicbeing90

7. Maybe The Coffee Isn’t Strong Enough?

funny-bar-signs-2__700Photo Credit: NolanClarkJr

8. Unfortunately, This Restaurant’s Clever Sign Wasn’t Taken Too Kindly By Local Residents

funny-bar-signs-39__700Photo Credit: Fishamatician

9. Pig Poetry

funny-bar-signs-25__700Photo Credit: Unknown

10. Sign Outside Of Wine Tasting Bar In Napa

funny-bar-signs-1__700Photo Credit: Borderhopinmex

11. Irish Pub Helps Anyone Hiding From Wife

But what about the wives hiding from their husbands?

funny-bar-signs-38__700Photo Credit: Tapdance_Epidemic

12. Great Pubs Are Sort Of Like Best Friends

funny-bar-signs-23__700Photo Credit: Unknown

13. Before Tinder People Actually Met In Bars (Gasp!)

funny-bar-signs-34__700Photo Credit: n1ghthawk05

14. Drunk Soup!

funny-bar-signs-22__700Photo Credit: Unknown

15. Sounds Like A Good Deal To Me!

funny-bar-signs-55__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

16. Best Babysitter’s Club In Edinburgh

funny-bar-signs-28__700Photo Credit: Sultana

17. Zombie Fans Unite

funny-bar-signs-31__700Photo Credit: Riidomz

18. Support Group

funny-bar-signs-51__700Photo Credit: PensivePanda18

19. The Honest Truth

funny-bar-signs-331__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

20. The ‘No Ex-Texting’ Policy

XX-Funny-Bar-Signs11__700Photo Credit: ihateandloveimgurinequalmeasure

21. The Old Fashioned Bar

35fcacf9-579d-42a3-b775-0c32de7dcc8f1__700Photo Credit: bubbantas

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