Hydaway, The Collapsible Reusable Water Bottle That You Can Fit In Your Pocket

Every single minute some 90,000 plastic bottles are thrown away. This only contributes to the monstrous trash problem we highlighted in a recent post featuring heartbreaking photos of pollution. Instead of being part of the problem you can be part of the solution with the latest collapsible reusable water bottles known as Hydaway. The inventor of these […]

This University Has A Puppy Room That Reduces Student Stress

The University of Lancashire now offers the best way to help stressed-out students, a puppy room equipped with the cutest bundles of fur you’ve ever seen! The University opened the puppy room to students on May 7th via the student union’s SOS (Stressed Out Students) campaign. It’s been proven by countless research studies that pets of all kinds […]

Circus Lion Enjoys Freedom for the First Time

Photo Credit: Flickr: 6935212740 Footage shared this week by Rancho dos Gnomos Santuário in Brazil revealed what was likely to be the greatest moment of lifetime for a lion named Will. The majestic cat spent 13 years living in a metal cage and had never felt the earth beneath his feet. He had been forced to […]

This Adorable Dutch Owl Loves To Land On People’s Heads

Most owls prefer to stay hidden in the branches of trees using their camouflage to remain completely unnoticed. But one adorable Dutch owl in the small town of Noordeinde is anything but normal, in fact he is extremely friendly and loves to land on people’s heads. If you find yourself walking through the town you are […]