Amazing Never-Before-Seen Sea Creatures Found 20,000 Feet Under The Sea

An astonishing 95% of the world’s oceans remain undiscovered, a complete mystery of blue abyss. New sea creatures are discovered all of the time, like the adorable pink octopus we shared with you last week. America’s Ocean Exploration Team recently uncovered even more strange never-before-seen sea creatures on the seafloor near the US Virgin Islands […]

The Internet’s Favorite Snow-White Fox Is Growing Up

Rylai is an adorable white-furred red fox that has taken the Internet by storm. We previously wrote about Rylai here, back when she was still the sleepiest baby fox ever. Now that she’s getting older she’s starting to snooze less often and get into a little more mischief. Here was Rylai the Snow-White fox only […]

Watch What Happens When These Wild Animals See Their Reflections For The First Time

Animals living out in the jungle have never seen a mirror or their own reflection before, but how would they react if they did? French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre decided to find out. He traveled to Africa and set up several mirrors equipped with surrounding cameras throughout the jungle in order to capture animals’ reactions […]

Fish Wheelchair: Owner Saved His Goldfish By Making Him An Underwater Wheelchair So He Can Swim Upright

Animals everywhere are getting some of the coolest wheelchairs, like the turtle that now gets around on wheels, but it’s not just land animals. Leighton Naylor, the owner of a tiny Fantail fish, saved his fish’s life by creating a fish wheelchair. Yes, you read that right, an underwater fish wheelchair made from recycled tubing. […]

This Box Reveals Tomorrow’s Weather With REAL Rain, Clouds And Thunderstorms

You can watch the weather channel or check an app on your phone in order to know tomorrow’s weather, but that’s so 2014! This inventive box reveals tomorrow’s weather in a far more ‘decorative’ display. When Ken Kawamoto is not busy working his day job as a software engineer he enjoys creating incredible inventions that […]