This Terrified Whale Was Trapped In Net And Left To Die. How She Thanked Her Rescuer Shocked Me.

You just have to watch this amazing video of a man and his friends and family who saved a humpback whale. It’s completely worth the 8 minutes of your time, especially when you see what happened at the end. Michael Fishback, a co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy, spends 2 months each year in the […]

A Camera Fell Out Of An Airplane And Was Found 8 Months Later. You Have To See What It Captured.

Go Pro cameras are some very popular and widely used devices, people loving to take them on their adventures, travels and escapades and then showcasing their videos to the world. And these nifty cameras have resulted in some really impressive footage, including this video where a skydiver accidently drops a Go Pro out of a […]