Models Dive 25 Meters To An Underwater Shipwreck In Bali For A Literally Breathtaking Photoshoot

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his complex productions and very stunning powerful images. He has a track record of using drama in his photographs, turning models into seemingly otherworldly creatures that can make the viewer’s jaw drop in an instant. It really shouldn’t come as any surprise, then, that he successfully managed […]

Albino Whale Caught On Video

The search for great white whales has existed for years. Back in 1991 a stunning white whale was finally caught on radar, today he is known as Migaloo. When he was first spotted he was estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old. Now as one of the most famous humpback whales, Migaloo is […]

World’s first wingsuit BASE jumping dog

What did you do in 2013? Whisper, a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog, spent the year flying around Switzerland. Whisper is the first dog in the world to ever experience base jumping in a wingsuit. According to Whisper’s owner, Dean Potter, the dog is always down for an adventure. She has spent plenty of long days […]

Real Video Footage: Woman Dances With 17-Foot Tiger Sharks

Would you swim with a school of tiger sharks without any protection? Hannah Fraser did. Some might consider her fearless, others might call her crazy, but really she is just extremely dedicated to helping rescue sharks. Hannah is on a mission to prove sharks are not the monsters mainstream media paints them to be. Especially […]

A Blind Dog That Just Got His Sight Back Sees His Family For The First Time. The Reaction Is Amazing.

Duffy, an adorable Irish terrier, comes bursting into the room. First, he heads straight towards his human mother, before making his rounds to each and every family member around the veterinary room. Duffy’s excitement is uncapped. In fact he can’t even stop squealing as he goes around, greeting everyone individually over and over. Sure, he’s […]