The Magical Northern Lights In Iceland Will Take Your Breath Away


Want to know what Iceland’s skyline looks like from 60 different locations during Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights? Three filmmakers, Arnþór Tryggvason, Petur K. Gudmundsson, and Snorri Thor Tryggvason, decided to combine their forces and find out. As a result they have created an amazing time-lapse video highlighting the beauty and vast depth of the Northern […]

See The Earth That Most People Never See

See The Earth That Most People Never See

The earth is one incredible place, every location holds a different set of scenery, animals, and vantage points, all of which change with each passing season. Unless you spend your days traveling the world and soaking up everything from remote locations to bright light cities, you likely miss out on just how varied and incredible our […]

I Was Holding My Breath During His Death-Defying Ride On Two Wheels


Danny MacAskill is a Scottish biker known for his amazing and rather brave bike riding skills. Recently, Danny traveled to his hometown of Skye, Scotland in order to ride along the death-defying Cuillin Ridgeline. The Cuillin Ridgeline is known as one of Scotland’s most beautifully dangerous landscapes. The entire trail ride is caught on camera in a […]

7 Years Of Meteor Showers In One Breathtaking Timelapse

7 Years Of Meteor Showers In One Breathtaking Timelapse

It took 7 years for Thomas O’Brien to create this masterpiece footage, a collection of photos displaying the meteor showers over Aspen, Colorado spanning a stretch of 7 years. Every night that you look up at the sky slightly different scenery presents itself. The only way to see the real beauty in this diversity is to piece together […]

Lost Egyptian City Found After 1,200 Years


The ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion was once a legend, something known to modern man only by myth and ancient historians. So when its ruins were discovered by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio in 2000, no one was expecting to find it. However, despite all odds, they stumbled upon the decrepit but magnificent underwater city […]