See What Happened When This Woman Flew 6,000 Miles To Bring Home The Stray Dog That Saved Her From Attackers


Traveling to Crete, Greece sounds like a dream come true but for one college student a trip to paradise nearly ended in tragedy. Plymouth University student 25-year-old Georgia Bradley was enjoying a walk along a beautiful sandy beach in Crete while her boyfriend was at a nearby café when two Greek men approached her and […]

Drone Captures Stunning Aerial Images of Iceland, In Case You Need Another Reason to Go

Iceland above1

Photo Credit: Jakub Polomski Polish landscape photographer Jakub Polomski, traveled to Iceland this summer, driving nearly 2500 miles around the country. Using a drone to capture these stunning aerial images of Iceland, they provide a striking bird’s eye view – as if you needed yet another reason to put Iceland on your must-see list. Pictured […]

Striking Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Wales Now

wales tea room

Photo Credit: This beautiful country isn’t a destination you hear discussed very often, but seeing these images are sure to make you want to visit Wales now. Pictured above, Ty Hwnt I’r Bont, or the House Beyond the Bridge, is a 15th-century cottage in Conwy Valley that serves as a tea room in addition […]

Take A Peek Inside Banksy’s Dismaland, The Nightmare Version Of Disneyland


If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth think of Dismaland as the creepiest. World-renowned street artist Banksy secretly created the “bemusement” park along with 50 other artists from different parts of the world. “Dismaland” is 2.5 acres of theme-park attractions with a very dark twist. Instead of pristine jeweled perfection this amusement park looks […]

Bus In Romania Offers Free Rides To Passengers Who Read Books Inside


Victor Miron is working hard to make sure people everywhere read more books. He recently persuaded the mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, to enact a proposal that would allow anyone reading a book to ride public transportation for free. It took a year of persuading but Miron’s dedication paid off. From June 4th to June […]

These Two Cows Explain Economics Better Than Any Textbook


Economics are complicated, hence why entire college majors are dedicated to teaching the logistics of it all. Teachers and textbook authors have created all sorts of similes, diagrams, analogies and metaphors to try and get points across to vast audiences. While many do a great job few (if any) are as good at explaining economics […]