Breathtaking Glaciers You Should See Before They Disappear

moreno glacier

Photo Credit: Glaciers form over many years, often centuries, and only on land, whereas icebergs float on the water. Together they hold most of the earth’s fresh waters, but many glaciers are disappearing. As the planet’s ice is rapidly melting, with glaciologists predicting that some of the world’s glaciers will be entirely gone within […]

Mysteriously Beautiful ‘End Of Times’ Cloud In Costa Rica Spotted Last Week


You can only imagine the shock people felt when they saw this stunning and mysterious cloud looming over Costa Rica last week. The incredible scene was spotted on Tuesday afternoon in a number of cities including San Jose, Pavas, Escazu, Parrita and Hatillo. Incredibly, the cloud appeared in the sky on the country’s Independence Day. […]

Oregon’s Magical Lost Lake is Disappearing Down a Mysterious Hole

lost lake

Photo Credit: Justin Renshaw/ For as long as anyone can remember, something very perplexing has been happening at Lost Lake in central Oregon’s Willamette National Forest. The magical lake is disappearing down a mysterious hole, and it has residents stumped. When winter arrives, nearby streams drain into the lake and cause it to fill with […]

Spectacular Cosmic Images From Astronaut Scott Kelly’s First Six Months in Space

space photos final

Photo Credit: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly/Facebook Astronaut Scott Kelly is on his way to becoming the first American to travel on the world’s longest spaceflight. He marked the halfway point this week by sharing these spectacular cosmic images. While he’s battling bulging eyeballs and atrophied muscles, his artistic sensibilities are certainly still in shape, providing […]

Serene Beauty of the Tuscan Countryside Captured in Stunning Photos


Photo Credit: Mauro Maione The landscape photographs taken by Mauro Maione transport viewers to the lush Tuscan countryside with brilliant green fields, rosy pink clouds and endless stretches of wildflower meadows. The beautiful settings in central Italy, include iconic Tuscan villas that sit amidst a sea of green. Maione’s photos truly showcase the vibrant natural […]