16 Neat Things Every Elephant Lover Needs

elephant lovers

Elephants are huge creatures with equally big hearts and brains, hence why so many people are gaga for these gentle giants. Elephants have been documented showing humor, grief, compassion self-awareness, cooperation, tool-use, playfulness and swift learning abilities. This is largely related to the large size and many complex folds of the elephant brain, more advanced […]

Must-Visit Destinations for Mystery Lovers


Photo Credit: Velvet Escape The world is filled with mysteries – and, if you’re a mystery lover who wants to explore some of the best, these spectacular must-visit destinations for mystery lovers are ideal, including the Ancient City of Petra in Jordan, pictured above. This “lost city,” made up of hundreds of homes, tombs, temples, obelisks […]

Photographer Brings Japan’s Rich Culture to Those Who Can’t Get There

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Photo Credit: Takashi Yasui If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing Japan’s rich culture, but haven’t been able to journey all the way there, Japanese photographer Takashi Yasui can, in essence, bring it to you through his vibrant photos. The artist transports viewers to a variety of locations across its stunning landscapes that are flooded by […]

Netherlands Officially Bans Wild Animals From Being Used in the Circus

elephants circus

Photo Credit: nltimes.nl In a move that will hopefully encourage other nations to follow suit, Netherlands officially bans wild animals from being used in the circus.  Just last week, on September 15, a the ban officially went into effect, leaving animal rights activists everywhere breathing a bit easier. This is great news as magnificent animals like lions, bears, […]

Teen Syrian Refugee Carried Puppy 300 Miles To Greece

aslan rose final

finish apartments Photo Credit: UNHCR organization/Facebook One of the latest Syrian refugees to escape Syria and arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos brought along a friend he couldn’t bear to leave behind. The 17-year-old Syrian refugee, Aslan, carried his puppy inside a small red crate for 300 miles after leaving his war-torn country, along […]

Stunning Sculpture At Burning Man Festival Shows The Inner Child Trapped Inside Every Adult Body


Burning Man Festival takes place every year in the middle of Nevada’s unforgiving Black Rock desert. Thousands of people come from near and far to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every year the festival displays many stunning works of art, but perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring from this year’s festival was the sculpture of two adult […]

Breathtaking Photos Capture China’s Incredible Beauty

Xiang Gong Shan Sunrise

finish apartments Photo Credit: Ken Koskela Over the summer,  Chicago-based travel photographer Ken Koskela spent 17 days in China, where he captured a stunning mix of environmental portraits and awe-inspiring landscapes that highlight the rich beauty and culture of this Asian nation. The artist did a spectacular job of capturing China’s incredible beauty. As My […]

Magnificent Abandoned Buildings in Europe Captured in Striking Photos

abandoned entry hall

Photo Credit: Christian Richter/Instagram There is something hauntingly beautiful about an abandoned building, and photographer Christian Richter says that he fell in love with them when he was very young after receiving a camera as a present. He began capturing the striking beauty of magnificent abandoned buildings on film, mostly photographing empty buildings with grand […]