22 Big Dogs Caring For Little Kids


In America, more than 62% of residents have a family pet, 83.3 million of these people have a dog. That means a whole lot of kids get the chance to grow up with an awesome friend by their side: a dog. Dogs and children are among the most beautiful, innocent creatures on earth. Dogs love […]

Squirrel Tries To Steal A Carved Pumpkin From Photographer’s Backyard


Squirrels are highly curious, hilarious little creatures. Max Ellis, a talented British photographer, would most certainly agree. After all he has captured some incredible shots of squirrels. All you have to do is provide some bate, something interesting to play with, and the squirrels will come, as well as make you laugh! When Max Ellis […]

Artist Creates Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks To Meditate


Balancing rocks, marshmallows, Jenga pieces, or just about anything gets complicated as soon as you get some height going–but not if you ask Michael Grab, an artist with the skills of a real magician. His impossible looking stacks of rocks appear to be an optical illusion, but they are most certainly not. No tricks involved […]

Little-Mermaid-Themed Wedding For Your Inner Disney Geek


I remember watching The Little Mermaid over and over as a little girl. Ariel and her whole journey from Mermaid to human was magical enough, plus add in the whole falling in love with Prince Eric and it’s all so spectacularly perfect! Just like the day of your wedding should be, which is exactly why this Little Mermaid-Theme […]

Autumn Flowers That’ll Make You Feel Warm Inside.


We all know autumn is the time of the year where is begins to feel cold, so why not get some flowers to make you feel warm. Usually when we think of flowers we think of spring with Roses, Daisy’s, sunflowers and cherry blossoms. But what about those flowers that were made for autumn. Maybe […]

20 Animals With Unexpected Colors

Animals with unexpected colors

The majority of animals around the world are a shade of black, brown, yellow, or white. You don’t expect to see a sea of blue lobsters, or a flock of pink birds, unless you are hanging out with the flamingos of course. Certain animals are known for being certain colors. While a yellow frog looks strange because frogs are […]

To Prevent Snails From Getting Stepped On, People Pimp Out Their Shells

painted snail

Snails are adorable little shell-wearing creatures that come out with rain and disappear when the weather dries up. While many people assume snails have really short life-spans that only extend through the storm, this is not true at all. Instead, some snails live to be around 5-years old while other species of snails are thought to live […]

Amazing Photographs And Video Of Snake Devouring Crocodile


Snakes and crocodiles rank as some of the scariest reptiles I never want to run into, especially not the giant ones that live in swampy parts of Australia. Although, I’d typically be more afraid of a crocodile than a snake, that is until I saw this jaw-dropping footage of a snake devouring a full size crocodile. […]

The Magical Northern Lights In Iceland Will Take Your Breath Away


Want to know what Iceland’s skyline looks like from 60 different locations during Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights? Three filmmakers, Arnþór Tryggvason, Petur K. Gudmundsson, and Snorri Thor Tryggvason, decided to combine their forces and find out. As a result they have created an amazing time-lapse video highlighting the beauty and vast depth of the Northern […]