Massive Flower Sculptures Honor Van Gogh at World’s Largest Flower Parade

flower parade

Photo Credit:, Facebook/CorsoZundert   This year’s Bloemencorso Zundert, or Zundert Flower Parade, in the Netherlands featured 19 teams which designed floats inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, who was born in Zundert 162 years ago. The massive flower sculptures honor Van Gogh, with towering floats borrowing colors, motifs, and imagery from the artist’s paintings including […]

Cutie And The Beast: Meet A Little Girl And Her Giant Doberman That Do Everything Together


Cutie and the Beast are taking over the Internet. The duo consists of three-year-old Siena and her two-year-old Doberman named Buddha. Social media is going nuts for the adorable and some would say unlikely pals. Instagram groupies for “Cutie and the Beast” have grown to over 160,000 followers. Once you see these two in action […]

Fantastic 4K Timelapse of Iceland Showcases Nature’s Spectacular Artistry

iceland evosia

Photo Credit: Henry Jun Wah Lee/Evosia Studios You’ve probably already at least gotten a glimpse of Iceland’s incredible beauty in photos, if you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit in person, but photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee reveals in images its especially impressive sunset hues and magnificent landscapes through his fantastic 4K timelapse of Iceland […]

What This Tattoo Artist Does for Domestic Violence Survivors is Absolutely Amazing

tattoo artist scars

Photo Credit: Flavia Carvalho – Daedra Art & Tattoo/Facebook Domestic violence not only leaves haunting memories, but also permanent marks. While surgery may help in recovery, scars can be inevitable and often never fully go away. That’s what Brazilian tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho hopes to help with, in her work with domestic violence survivors. Carvalho’s […]

Bedroom Becomes Stunning Fairytale World After Dark


Photo Credit: Giorgi Makharashvili/Bored Panda Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a fairytale at one time or another? Keti Sidamonidze said that she fantasized about it for several years after seeing a “cute kitten mural extravaganza” in 2012 – and now, that dream has become a reality with her bedroom becoming a stunning fairytale world […]

7 Spectacular Reasons You Should Travel to Samoa

toSua samoa

Photo Credit: Samoa, known as the beautiful Treasured Islands of the South Pacific, is one of the most enticing places on earth. Some of the beaches are so picture-perfect you’re likely to feel as if you’ve stepped into a fantasy world, not to mention the lush rainforests, rugged sea cliffs and waterfalls that plunge […]

Spectacular Electric Blue Flames Erupt From Indonesian Volcano

blue lava

Photo Credit: Olivier Grunewald Lava, the molten rock expelled by a volcano, is usually described as a fiery flow of red, but this Indonesian volcano erupts spectacular electric blue flames. Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano, glows with an almost otherworldly neon blue at night. The mountain contains large amounts of pure sulfur, which emits an icy […]