17 Unusual Bird Nests Built In The Oddest Of Places

Birds are capable of adapting to so many different environments; no matter what they have to work with they make it happen. Not all birds nest, but all birds need a safe secure place to lay and hatch their eggs. Scientists have found that birds can improve their nest making skills with time, meaning the […]

21 Genius DIY Ways To Reuse And Recycle Old Tires

Those four rubber tires that make your car go round won’t last forever, unfortunately they don’t even really last all that long. At least every few years you have to buy a new set of tires, at which point your bulky old tires become toxic waste. As mounds upon mounds of tires sit decomposing in landfills they […]

World’s Most Brilliant Flower Scenes You’ll Want to Jump Into

Photo Credit: Flickr: Kota-G Flower fields bloom into breathtaking landscapes for a short time every year. If you missed this year’s spring flowers, don’t worry, there are some dazzling flower scenes that can be found in the summer too. Or, consider planning now for a trip next year. This magnificent sea of Nemophila flowers, called […]

A Look At 21 International Borders Around The World

International borders separate one country from another. History, current events, politics and demographics shape what takes place at these borders. While borders seem like permanent fixtures they have revolved throughout time, reminding us that the only constant is change. Depending on how friendly bordering nations are borders drastically change. For instance, it’s easy to miss […]

22 Animal Bellies That Need A Good Rubbing Right NOW!

Animals love to have their bellies rubbed, but when many animals offer you their belly for scratching it’s not just because it feels nice. Animals offer their belly to you as a sign of submission and trust. If an animal rolls over to show off their furry little belly they are telling you they trust […]

13 Incredible Hotels You Need To Check In At Before You Die

There are ordinary hotels around every other corner, but what makes an unforgettable trip is an incredible hotel too unique to even describe with words. If you’re ever in Switzerland you can stay at a hotel that includes REAL igloos made from over 3,000 tons of snow. Other parts of the world offer hotels made […]