Everyday Should Be Take Your Dog To Work Day


Last week pups everywhere very much-enjoyed Take Your Dog To Work Day! What pup wouldn’t? It stinks getting left at home everyday while all of your favorite people go off to some mystery location (aka school and work). This awesome holiday gives dogs a chance to see first-hand where their human goes all day. Plus, […]

World’s Smartest Animals Pass Self-Awareness Test

elephant mirror

Photo Credit: onegreenplanet.org There are relatively very few creatures on earth that can pass the mirror test, which measures an animal’s ability to recognize itself in the mirror. If they do, they’ve proven themselves as one of the world’s smartest animals. In fact, self-awareness is potentially one of the most important criteria for personhood. To […]

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns


Photo Credit: lovethepics.com Ghost towns are often filled with riveting tales from the past that offer a glimpse of what it might have been like to live in a bygone era. If you’d like to take a step into another time, visiting some of America’s coolest ghost towns offers the opportunity to do just that. […]

22 Cute Babies Twining With Their Toy Dolls


Toy makers create baby dolls to look just like real babies, and they do a pretty good job at it judging by these pictures. Little kids love caring for their little dollies, and sometimes the two look just alike! As a child there’s nothing quite like your very own baby doll, there’s just something about the smell […]

16 Times Bad Letter Spacing Made All The Difference


All it takes is bad letter spacing to cause some serious confusion (and laughter). The businesses and individuals pictured below were caught with poorly spaced letters resulting in some unintentionally risqué signs and messages. The next time you’re creating a sign for the public to read make sure you take into consideration letter spacing and […]

World’s Most Amazing Waterfalls to Take a Cool Dip Under

Rock Falls Havasuapai Photography

Photo Credit: Austin Cronnelly Photography If you’re feeling the burn of summer’s heat, you might want to consider a trip to one of these amazing waterfalls that are perfect for a cool, refreshing dip, like the one pictured above. Here, Havasu Creek cascades over Rock Falls into an idyllic swimming hole on the Havasupai Indian […]

7 Reasons You Should Plan a Trip to Roatan, Honduras

roatan snorkeling

Photo Credit: ShoreFox Photo Credit: roatan-web.com More and more people are discovering Roatan, Honduras, the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands. If you visit soon, you’ll still be able to enjoy its pristine white beaches, and so much more, without the crowds. If you aren’t sure why you should put this island on your must-travel list, […]