20 Animals Trying To Become Professional Photographers

When you work as a professional wildlife photographer you come across all different kinds of awesome scenarios, which often include the unexpected, such as animals that want to take your job from you. Humans are the masters of tools, we use tools for everything… eating, cooking, building a house, and even taking photos. Many different […]

5 of the World’s Most Hauntingly Surreal Abandoned Places

Photo Credit: Flickr: mypubliclands These stunning relics from the past are some of the world’s most hauntingly surreal abandoned places. Once full of laughter, or tears, today, they are all but forgotten. Pictured above, the remote town of Garnet, Montana was once a bustling place filled with gold miners and their families, boasting hotels, saloons, […]

Get Lost Looking At The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Harvesting Lavender

The sights, scents and colors of a field full of harvesting lavender are truly breathtaking. Even in the earlier harvesting stages, the meticulous rows of flowers created by methodical farming create a beauty so striking one has to stop and smell the flowers. Lavender, technically known as Lavandula, is a species of 39 known flowering […]

20 Photos Guaranteed To Annoy The Perfectionist In You

Broken patterns, imperfect symmetry and counter intuitive placement drive most people bonkers. We are naturally attracted to symmetrical things. There’s a little perfectionist in all of us that craves a sense of order, it’s what makes us feel safe and sound. When something is off it makes us do a double take, as we think […]

16 Things That Look Like Donald Trump’s Twin

Donald Trump is all in the spotlight right now thanks to his bid for presidency. Many people hate the man; others love him, and a plenty more just enjoy a good laugh or gasp at his audacious, off the wall antics. No matter how you personally feel about the controversial real-estate mogul turned wannabe-president you […]

21 Sleepy Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart

Kittens spend a lot of time sleeping, but they also spend a lot of time running amuck and destroying your house. When your kitten finally does settle in for a nap it’s a nice chance to pick things up and then marvel over how stinking cute they look catching some ZZZ’s. Cats normally sleep 16 […]