14 Funny Comics Only Introverts Will Truly Appreciate


Are you awkward and uncomfortable in most social situations? If so, you are sure to find humor in these comics by German cartoonist floccinaucinihilipilificationa. An estimated 15-50% of the human population is considered an introvert, so even if most of the time you feel like the only uncomfortable/awkward person in the room you are actually far […]

21 Inspirational Women That Changed The World We Call Home


Just a few days ago, on August 26th, we celebrated Women’s Equality Day. The date is significant because it marks the day the 19th Amendment was added to the United States Constitution, granting women the right to vote. The amendment was passed by congress in 1919, and ratified in 1920, but it took many years […]

21 Crossbreed Dogs That Will Make You Want Your Own Mutt

crossbreed dogs

Crossbreed dogs are often referred to as ‘mutts,’ but as it turns out some of these mutts are even more adorable than purebred dogs. Interestingly, some of the most unusual crossbreed dogs of all are going for the prettiest penny these days thanks to the ‘designer dog’ craze. For instance, a goldendoodle, a mix between […]

17 Sea Slugs That Prove Aliens Already Exist On Planet Earth

sea slugs

50-80% of all life on Earth is found in the ocean. That makes sense considering the ocean covers 99% of Earth’s surface. The crazy thing is, scientists have only explored less than 10% of the entire ocean. Despite how little of the ocean’s mass we’ve discovered thus far, what we have found is pretty incredible. […]

7 People That Live In Tiny Homes Smaller Than Your Bedroom


How much space do you really need to live a happy life? People all over the world are reconsidering conceptions about stuff and challenging how much space humans really need to live a comfortable life. Tinyhousegiantjourney.com travels America  in a portable tiny house interviewing real people that live in houses that measure 200 square feet […]

12 Totoro Cakes That Look Too Good To Eat


Totoro is popular all over the world; no one can resist the adorable forest spirit. People young and old want a piece of Totoro, and these awesome Totoro cakes make that an actual reality… that is if you can bring yourself to cut a slice considering they all look too good to eat (aka destroy). […]

18 Adorable Dogs With Their Mini-Me Puppies


Just like humans, dogs have a natural instinct to start their own family and raise a gaggle of little puppies. Mother dogs have inborn nurturing instincts; in fact according to one study female dogs are more sociable than male dogs due to their nurturing natures. During the study researchers gave three boxes filled with treats […]