5 Weird and Wonderful Animal Friendships

Thanks to the internet, we’re all used to the adorable friendships between cats and dogs, and other such pets. But did you know there are friendships like this throughout the animal kindgom? Here are some of the strangest, cutest and most surprising animal friends in the world.   Moray eels and cleaner shrimp Ever seen […]

4 Of The Greatest Hidden Waterfalls On Earth

Devils Pool

Watching water fall from a high mountain is one of the most beautiful things to see But when you can catch a glimpse of one hidden away from the rest of the world, now that is something truly magnificent! Here are 4 of the greatest hidden waterfalls on earth : Plitvice Waterfalls: A beautiful place […]

4 Incredible Swarms That Are A Wonder to Behold

All too often we think of a swarm of something bad, perhaps even as some type of omen. While it’s true that a swarm of locusts was once foretold as one of the nine plagues of Egypt and even today they’re still considered a somewhat scary pest, it’s not true that all swarms of animals […]

10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

Let’s face it, living in a tree house is a dream most of us have when we’re kids. And sometimes, those kids grow up without forgetting about their dreams. This world is big with many amazing places to build your dream tree house Here are 10 of the Wildest Tree House Locations Argentina: When it […]

6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

Around the world there are thousands of rivers. While some of them only small and run out after only a few miles, some of them are so large they run across several countries and continents on a scale that’s difficult to comprehend. All rivers are beautiful in one way or another, be it for the […]

5 Mind-Blowing Underwater Sights

Even today the world’s oceans hold a vast array of secrets. Despite our technologies being more advanced than ever, only a small portion of them have ever been explored, making us ask the question ‘what else is hidden beneath?’. That said, what explorers have discovered is nothing short of wondrous and these 5 incredible underwater […]

See That Tiny Place In The Mountains? It’s Awesome But You Probably Don’t Want To Go There.

The famous Matterhorn Mountain is an iconic feature of the Swiss Alps that lies on the border between Switzerland and Italy, overlooking the Swiss town Zermatt. It’s one of the highest peaks in the Alps, with a 4478 meter (14692 foot) tall summit. Despite its towering height, it’s been climbed countless times, so much that […]

5 of the Worlds Most Incredible Festivals

Around the world countless festivals take place each year, transforming a town or a city into a place of magic, laughter and festivities. They’re held for countless reasons; music, laughter, celebration, and even just for the sake of letting your hair down. That said, here are five of the worlds most incredible festivals that will […]

17 Flowers That Look Like Something Else

Flowers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, leading to a wide array of appearances. You’ve likely seen many varieties in your life time, but some of these flowers resemble other figures or animals so much that it’s downright shocking.       1. Monkey Orchid (Dracula Simia) This epiphytic orchid has an […]