20 Of The Best Cities To See Street Art

New York City, U.S.A.

Graffiti often gets a bad reputation but when conducted by truly skilled artists it can transform a city into a better place. Graffiti and street art are not always legal, still, legal or not, people flock to see good street art.  Street art is known to increase tourist population. It also tells a story about […]

The 6 Most Romantic Waterfalls in The World


Waterfalls have long been synonymous with romance which is strange because not all waterfalls are really romantic. Some are massive; others are famous; still others are magnificent. But romantic? Only a few waterfalls truly fit the bill as romantic waterfalls and the best of these are listed below. Enchanted Kawasan Falls, (Cebu, Philippines) Kawasan Falls […]

25 Beautiful Doors That Seem To Lead To Other Worlds


What does your front door say about you? The majority of people keep their front door plain and simple, painted a nice shade to match the house with a good-looking doorknob. A door is a passageway used to walk in and out of places, but all around the world people are using front doors to […]

30 Animals With Their Adorable Mini-Me Counterparts


You know what they say – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While some may try their hardest not to end up like their parents, you can’t help but love that these adorable baby animals seem to be exact replicas of their moms and dads. The adults are charming themselves, but, as soon […]

17 Breathtaking Satellite Photos That Will Change How You See Our World


Daily Overview is a fantastic new project that shares one satellite photo from Digital Globe each day. They’re goal is try to change the way we see Earth by providing amazing views of the world in which we live in. It’s no doubt that they provide some stunning photos that give viewers an alternate way […]

15 Reasons Why Scotland Must Be On Your Bucket List


Scotland has got way more going for it than just kilts and bagpipes. The country is seeping in history and has miles upon miles of gorgeous landscapes. It’s home to a relatively diverse terrain, complete with tall mountains, several islands, sea-side cliffs, and lush forests. The geography makes for an absolutely stunning country and a […]

20 Stunning Pictures Of Lavender Fields In France


Lavender is a big deal in Provence. In fact, lavender has even been described as the “soul” of Provence. There are multiple lavender fields that you can visit this part of France, each one more breathtaking than the next. Actually witnessing the blooming bright fields for your own eyes is shocking to say the least. […]

22 Odd Animals That Are Stranger Than Fiction


  It’s not unusual for genetic mutations to occur in humans or animals, especially since certain eye colors, hair colors, and freckles can be considered mutations. However, sometimes nature produces something really extraordinary, like in all the examples below. For the most part, the creatures are happy and healthy, and they’re all unique in their […]

These 22 Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Foxes


If you’ve ever laid eyes on a fox, I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with the furry little creatures. Their big ears, round eyes, and long bushy tails have made them some of the cutest animals around, and, they’ve definitely gotten round. Foxes are currently found on every continent except Antarctica. While they look […]

5 of The Most Wondrous Streets on Earth


There are countless streets all around the world, most of which are nothing special and fail to stand out amongst all the others. The same cannot be said of these streets however. That said, here are five incredible streets which are wondrous for one reason or another.. 1. Blue Street, Morocco After visiting the town […]