Super Cool New York Art Installation Lets Adults Indulge Their Inner Child

Photo Credits: @pearada Colorfly Pearlfisher  Pei Ketron Ball pits aren’t just for kids. In fact, an increasing number have been popping up, allowing adults to indulge their inner child by letting lose and just having fun. This is the latest, an interactive New York art installation put together by creative agency Pearlfisher. The massive ball pit is […]

Artist Hand Cuts Paper Animals And Uses The Sky To Give Them Life

Paper can be used to create anything and everything depending on how creative you are willing to get. Artist Jo Chorny, also known as peaceofpaper1 on Instagram, hand cuts paper animals using a scalpel. Chorny’s work is extraordinarily detailed and precise, making you forget you are looking at paper at all! Once finished with a […]

Artist Creates Stunningly Realistic Visual Record of Landscapes Impacted by Climate Change

Photo Credit: Zaria Forman Zaris Forman creates large scale pastel drawings as a stunningly realistic visual record of the earth’s shifting landscape, and the effects of climate change. For years, the artist has been traveling to some of the world’s most environmentally endangered areas, drawing inspiration from her travels to create these spectacular works of […]

19 Most Creative Bookshelves You’ve Ever Seen

I don’t care how popular e-books and kindles are, I will always prefer to read a real book. There’s just something about the smell of a real book, the feeling the cover photo evokes, as well as the texture of each page, which is always just slightly different. This book-lover prefers the real thing, and as […]

This Amazing Glowing Lakeside Cabin Was Once an Old Garage

Photo Credit: graypants “Garage,” as its known, is an award-winning debut architecture project designed by creative studio Graypants. Set along the shores of Vashon Island in Washington State, this once-forgotten garage was transformed into the amazing glowing lakeside cabin you see here. The studio reinvigorated the tired and worn post World War II structure, as […]

This Is The Most Genius (And Fun) Way To Stop People From Littering

The UK organization Hubbub has created a host of awesome devices to stop people from littering the streets of London. One of their latest clever projects is focused exclusively on smokers and the cigarette butts many leave behind. Hubbub’s creative teams have crafted a few different devices to promote throwing cigarette butts away. These fun […]

The Golden Age Of Skate Culture: 1970’s Skateboarding In California

Let’s go back in time to California during the 1970’s, a time known as the golden age of skate culture, a time that left its mark on America’s cultural identity forever. Photographer Hugh Holland captured the spirit of skate culture in California during the 1970’s. All of his inspiring work is documented in his beautiful […]

Crying Candles Cry Scented Tears When You Burn Them

Have you ever looked at a burning candle and thought it looked as if it were crying wax tears? These awesome, creative crying candles are full of carefully crafted emotion whenever you burn them. It works like this: as the candle burns the holders are made just so that the scented candles inside melt through […]

This Incredible Bridge Turns Into a Tunnel Connecting Denmark and Sweden

Photo Credit: The Oresund Bridge While it may look rather ominous, the Oresund is a true engineering marvel. This amazing bridge turns into a tunnel connecting Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden, though it looks as if it abruptly ends well before reaching dry land. The cable-stayed bridge runs nearly five miles to an artificial island […]