Bride Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer And The Results Are Far Better Than Anyone Expected

Planning a wedding involves so many different factors, from the venue to the flowers to the dress, and you can’t forget the photographer and videographer to document the day. It can all get a bit overwhelming and to some brides start to feel inauthentic. Tallinn-based photographer Liisa Luts and her husband run a small photography and […]

Cat Egg Mold Lets You Make Your Eggs Kitty-Side Up

Forget sunny-side up, I’ll take my eggs kitty-side up! Finally a new way to enjoy breakfast for cat lovers everywhere, this Cat Egg Mold allows you to enjoy eggs shaped like your favorite animal. As if you don’t spend enough time each day worshiping your cat, here’s yet another way to pay tribute to feline […]

Artist Recreates Famous Paintings On Cakes

Maria A. Aristidou is a commercial coffee artist, illustrator and cake designer with a host of unique talents. Her latest cake art will make your mouth water while simultaneously delighting your appreciation for the arts. You may already know Aristidou by her famous coffee paintings. The artist writes on Facebook, “Firstly made by accident, Coffee painting […]

Mesmerizing Tree Chandelier At Hall Vineyard In California

Every dinner party needs this incredible tree chandelier, which is every bit beautiful, complicated and intriguing. Two talented artists Donald Lipski and Jonquil LeMaster collaborated to elegantly craft the stunning chandelier. They made it so that it looks like the roots of a tree growing down from the ceiling with glittering limbs reaching out above […]

Nap Desk Converts Into Bed So You Can Comfortably Sleep At Work

Regardless what time it is or how much sleep you got the night before there are just certain days when you feel too tired to go on. Perhaps your computer screen starts to look a little fuzzy and nothing much is getting done, it’s in these moments that a short nap could make all the […]

17 Funniest Menu Translation Errors Ever

Every restaurant has a unique menu made with the intentions of tempting you into ordering more food, spending more money and all the while enjoying every second of it. Globalization has caused cultures from all over the world to share a love for many different cuisines. As a result, many menus include translations to help […]

Photographer Brings Japan’s Rich Culture to Those Who Can’t Get There

Photo Credit: Takashi Yasui If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing Japan’s rich culture, but haven’t been able to journey all the way there, Japanese photographer Takashi Yasui can, in essence, bring it to you through his vibrant photos. The artist transports viewers to a variety of locations across its stunning landscapes that are flooded by […]

Stunning Sculpture At Burning Man Festival Shows The Inner Child Trapped Inside Every Adult Body

Burning Man Festival takes place every year in the middle of Nevada’s unforgiving Black Rock desert. Thousands of people come from near and far to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every year the festival displays many stunning works of art, but perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring from this year’s festival was the sculpture of two adult […]