Camping With Dogs Inspires Dog Owners to Get Outdoors With their Canines

dogs camping

Photo Credits: campingwithdogs, instagram, facebook/campwithdogs  While all animals are wonderful, dogs are especially amazing. And, dog owner Ryan Carter has a special love for man’s (and woman’s) best friend. He also loves the outdoors, which is why he decided to inspire other dog owners to get outside through Camping With Dogs. The Nashville-based canine lover […]

More Than 200 Abused Horses Finally Get to Run Free

running horses

Photo Credit: There are countless abused animals in the world, but neglect and mistreatment is not limited to the cats and dogs you see on those horribly sad television commercials that are almost too difficult to watch. Unfortunately, there are lots of other animals that need rescuing, in desperate need for some kind human […]

Happy As A Zen Fox: Photographer Captures Wild Foxes Enjoying Life


We have shared Roeselien Raimond’s incredible fox photography a number of times, simply because her fox photos blow us away! The talented photographer knows just how to capture the most natural photos of wild foxes, offering a peek into what life as a fox really looks like when they don’t think anyone is watching. Raimond is […]

Jelani The Gorilla Really Loves Looking At Smartphone Pics


Gorillas are incredibly smart, curious and have two working eyes and so it only makes sense that they would enjoy looking at pictures of other gorillas. In other words, Jelani is not the first gorilla to enjoy smartphone pictures as much as humans, but he is one of the first documented and shared. Meet Jelani, […]

15 Eye-Opening Animal Facts That Will Amaze And Amuse You


Animals are amazing creatures, and there are so many different types, each with unique behaviors, tendencies and quirks. We often think of animals as ‘others,’ or completely different from humans, especially when we are not talking about household pets like dogs and cats. Yet, the more you learn about all kinds of animals the more […]