11 Of The Most Adorable Animals That You’ve Never Heard Of


Where I live I am not exposed to many animals other then the ones at the zoo. But there are thousands of species that I feel are not given much exposure of their existence in the world. Here is our list of 11 of the most adorable animals that you’ve never heard of!  Starting with… […]

5 Weird and Wonderful Animal Friendships


Thanks to the internet, we’re all used to the adorable friendships between cats and dogs, and other such pets. But did you know there are friendships like this throughout the animal kindgom? Here are some of the strangest, cutest and most surprising animal friends in the world.   Moray eels and cleaner shrimp Ever seen […]

Real Video Footage: Woman Dances With 17-Foot Tiger Sharks


Would you swim with a school of tiger sharks without any protection? Hannah Fraser did. Some might consider her fearless, others might call her crazy, but really she is just extremely dedicated to helping rescue sharks. Hannah is on a mission to prove sharks are not the monsters mainstream media paints them to be. Especially […]

4 Incredible Swarms That Are A Wonder to Behold


All too often we think of a swarm of something bad, perhaps even as some type of omen. While it’s true that a swarm of locusts was once foretold as one of the nine plagues of Egypt and even today they’re still considered a somewhat scary pest, it’s not true that all swarms of animals […]

A Blind Dog That Just Got His Sight Back Sees His Family For The First Time. The Reaction Is Amazing.


Duffy, an adorable Irish terrier, comes bursting into the room. First, he heads straight towards his human mother, before making his rounds to each and every family member around the veterinary room. Duffy’s excitement is uncapped. In fact he can’t even stop squealing as he goes around, greeting everyone individually over and over. Sure, he’s […]