Teen Syrian Refugee Carried Puppy 300 Miles To Greece

aslan rose final

finish apartments Photo Credit: UNHCR organization/Facebook One of the latest Syrian refugees to escape Syria and arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos brought along a friend he couldn’t bear to leave behind. The 17-year-old Syrian refugee, Aslan, carried his puppy inside a small red crate for 300 miles after leaving his war-torn country, along […]

18 Huggable Hamsters That Are Too Cute To Resist


Hamsters don’t get enough credit for how adorable they truly are. Hamsters have been kept as pets for a very long time, and for good reason. Not only are these clever critters cute and sweet but also they make great pets that are relatively easy to care for, at least in comparison to a dog […]

Meet These Bizarre Tree Climbing Goats Whose Poop is Turned Into Luxurious Argan Oil

tree climbing goats

Photo Credit: nextnature.net, suzzz45.blogspot.com You knew that goats were good climbers – they’re often seen climbing boulders and sometimes even steep cliffs, but have you ever seen one climb a tree? Well, in the southwest of Morocco, they do. These tree climbing goats haven’t just decided to enjoy a bit of mischief. And, in this […]

This Dog Just Really Wants To Say Hello


  Dogs are the friendliest creatures on the Planet, they need to be all over you at all times, and this super outgoing dog is no different. Five days ago, Woma posted this adorable photo to Imgur. It shows what looks like an Akita puppy sticking out of a decorative hole in a wall, desperately […]