Protect Your Floors With These Cat Socks For Tables And Chairs


There are a number of ways you can protect your floors against chair and table legs making scratch marks along the surface. Most of these options are beyond boring, like those beige round stickers you can attach to the bottom of each leg. But at last, there’s a much cuter way to get the job done.

These knit cat socks for tables and chairs are adorable and a super great idea. Japanese design company Toyo Case has created these Nekoashi (cat feet) chair socks to fit on the ends of your furniture and prevent any scratches on your floor. Not only will your floors stay pretty and scratch-free but also your furniture will be downright adorable!

You can pick from an assortment of colors for the puuurrfect match to your home décor or your favorite feline. The knitted cat socks come in stripes, solid colors and more, so get ready to go crazy because if you’re anything like me you are going to want them all! Buy a couple different pairs and mix and match or give as gifts to your cat-loving friends.


You can purchase these pawsome socks online from Tokyo Otaku Mode. The best part is the price; they are only $6.49 per set!


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