Cats Are Evolving… If You Need Proof This Cat Sits JUST Like A Human


Meet Red the craziest cat from Poland, Ohio. According to his loving owner he is “not right.” But why you ask? He looks just fine, rather cute with his pretty orange coat and sweet little face. There is one thing that sets Red apart from ‘normal’ cats in the neighborhood.

You see, Red doesn’t ‘chill’ like your ordinary housecat; instead this cat sits just like a human, legs crossed and all.

The viral video of Red shows the silly little kitty cat sitting just like a human on the side of a picnic bench. The video has become so popular that even Ashton Kutcher gave it a share. Always comedic Ashton paired the video with the caption “I hope you’re seated for this…”

catsitslikehumanPhoto Credit: Facebook

Red starts off looking like any other cat, but as his owner calls his name from inside he starts to settle down into a more comfortable position. Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Youtube

Red isn’t the only cat that likes to sit like a human…

catsitslikehuman2Photo Credit: EarthPrints

In case you forgot, this is how cats are supposed to sit:

prettykittyPhoto Credit: EarthPrints

It might just be proof that pet cats are evolving to be more like their human family members… I mean how can you not relate to this cat? He looks like me when I’m waiting for my friend at dinner, or when I’m trying to be polite but I really have to go pee.

enhanced-9838-1440112625-2Photo Credit: Youtube

Let’s face it… Red is part human!

anigif_enhanced-1518-1440111225-2Photo Credit: YouTube

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