24 Cat Photos Taken At Just The Right Second


If you like to follow your cat around all day with camera in hand you are onto something. Cats do a lot of weird things on a regular basis and if you follow your cat around long enough you will eventually score some seriously epic cat photos.

Cats may pretend they don’t like it, but they secretly covet all forms of attention. Regardless, it’s not like cats perform on command, meaning you’ve got to be as sneaky and fast as a feline to capture them in full force. We pressure you to continue following your cat around all day, lurking behind walls and furniture in order to capture that perfect pic… judging by these 24 cat photos it is so worth it!

1. That’s One Loooooong Kitty!

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-45__605Photo Credit: Unknown

2. This Cat Prefers Pepsi

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-20__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Hover Cat

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-50__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. I Heart You

XX-Perfectly-Timed-Cat-Photos__605Photo Credit: Unknown

5. Spy Kitty Got His Binoculars Out

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-241__605Photo Credit: riddleyscot

6. Anyone Seen The Cat?

perfectly-timed-cat-photos-100__605Photo Credit: LaughsTwice

7. A Real Life Cat Lady

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-53__605Photo Credit: drewc34

8. Perfectly Timed Cats

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-52__605Photo Credit: Unknown

9. The New Mr. Meow Mix

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-32__605Photo Credit: Unknown

10. Incoming!!!

I don’t know what’s better the high flying cat or the look on her owner’s face.

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-55__605Photo Credit: blvurdalak

11. Whose Bum You Calling Gross?!

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-21__605Photo Credit: Unknown

12. Role Model

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-29__605Photo Credit: Dimatron

13. I Mustache You A Question… Why Are Cats So Stinkin Cute?!

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-26__605Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Puuurfectly Timed Shadow Cat

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-6__605Photo Credit: shockthestar

15. Must. Catch. Butterfly.

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-43__605Photo Credit: Kemal Selimovic

16. Ready To Race

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-7__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

17. Morning Neighbors!

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-51__605Photo Credit: jonster

18. Talk To The Sock

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-12__605Photo Credit: Gotdatblanca

19. Ballroom Dancing… Catty Style

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-38__605Photo Credit: zlx

20. They Don’t Call Them Fierce Felines For Nothing

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-58__605Photo Credit: Unknown

21. Cats Really Do Fly!

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-56__605Photo Credit: Vanna021

22. World’s Longest Cat

IMG_20141205_194718__605Photo Credit: Osnat Perelshtein

23. On A Mission To Save Food No Matter What Gymnastics Moves Are Necessary

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-49__605Photo Credit: Unknown

24. Sometimes Even Cats Just Feel Like Dancing

funny-perfectly-timed-cat-photo-39__605Photo Credit: Angus Lam

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