Cat Owners In Japan Turn IKEA Doll Beds Into Adorable Cat Beds


IKEA is one of those super fun stores, where you can buy cheap, awesome furniture, and eat Swedish meatballs and ice cream. When you go to IKEA you might not think much about buying something to bring home for your pet.

While some IKEA locations might let you bring your pet inside, the furniture sold here doesn’t technically cater to the animals. At least IKEA doesn’t think it does…

The DUKTIG is listed for $20 by IKEA and is sold as a doll bed, but some Japanese cat owners have taken it upon themselves to turn an IKEA classic into the puuurrrfect bed for cats, dogs, bunnies, and pretty much any other small animal.

The idea is way too cute to be true! Warning: after checking out these photos you will be tempted to run to the nearest IKEA location in order to give your pet a comfortable bed that looks like a miniature version of yours.


Just like all of IKEA’s products, the bed is sold unassembled. It’s up to you and your pet to figure out how this thing pieces together. It might take some patience, but most IKEA furniture ends up being fairly easy to assemble, for most of us at least.

For anyone that watches the Big Bang Theory this photo in particular might spark melodies from Sheldon’s favorite song, “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…”


Cats don’t like to share, so make sure and get each of your felines their very own bed.


The slot on either end of the bed provides the perfect place for a cat to place their tail while they sleep.


Wondering about the size dimensions of this mini bed? As listed on the IKEA website, the DUKTIG bed is 38 cm wide, 2 inches tall, just under 30 inches long, and it weighs 5 pounds.

If your pet outgrows the bed the entire structure is made of 100% recyclable materials that can be used for energy recovery purposes. A green product that is pet-friendly, now that’s what we love around here!

Eat, sleep, repeat…


Some cats sleep more than others but all cats sleep a lot. Healthy cats require 12 to 16 hours of sleep each day, but the average cat sleeps between 13-14 hours a day. Some cats can sleep for as much as 20 out of 24 hours a day. Since cats love to sleep more than most other creatures, a comfy cat bed is clearly a necessity.

Don’t Forget to tuck your cat into bed!


This fancy white feline enjoys a bed, a pink blanket, and a soft stuffed animal to snuggle with—and some people say cats are not high maintenance….they must be high on catnip!


The IKEA bed is perfect for naps or just sitting around, because cats do a lot of both.


Some people have even made bunk beds out the cute IKEA bed for dolls. These 3 cats all want their own bed please… one on top of the other, just like camp for cats!


This bunk bed doesn’t discriminate against different types of animals, a cute dog and cat share this bunk.


Toys, toys, toys, clearly cats can’t get enough of them!


Who you calling lazy?!


I’m not spoiled, just well taken care of.

ikea-duktig-bed-hack-cat-bed-4Currently, the DUKTIG is not available to order online, but it is in stock at many IKEA locations around the world.

Not just cats and dogs like this nifty bed; the bunnies go hop-hop crazy for it as well!


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