The Latest Ass-Cessory Turns Any Cat Butt Into A Glittering Jewel


Cats bare it all every day; with their tail held high anyone and everyone can see their bum. You can give your cat some newfound privacy by transforming their behind into a royal treasure… literally! Thanks to this pawsome ‘ass-cessory’ cat butts everywhere are getting a fancy upgrade.

The Twinkle Tush hangs from your cat’s tail in order to hide their bum hole. Instead of having a cat tushy in your face you will instead be looking at a pretty shiny jewel. You might be wondering how comfortable this really is for cats, and in all honesty it might not be your cat’s favorite accessory… even if it is yours.

Cat Crib, the creators of the Twinkle Tush, advertise the funny accessory for cats as a gag gift and nothing more. In fact, they advise that you only put the $6 gem on your cat’s behind for a quick photo shoot and chuckle, and recommend against leaving it on all day.

For one, your crafty kitty will likely figure out how to get the jewel off, and secondly you can only imagine what will happen to that jewel if it ends up tagging along in the litter box… talk about a germy (and rather poopy) jewel!


As if the idea itself isn’t funny enough wait until you see this promo commercial for the Twinkle Tush…

Photo Credits: twinkletush.comFacebook

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