Cartoonist Reveals What Would Happen if Animals Treated Us They Way We Treat Them

What if Animals Treated Us How We Treat Them (5)

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Have you ever thought for a moment about what the world might be like if animals treated us the way we treat them? These rather graphic, violent cartoons provide a perspective that many may never have considered. It certainly makes you stop and think. How would you like the be made into a fashionable handbag? Or perhaps a rug on someone’s floor? You could be taken away from your family and the home you know, forced to endure your entire life in a cage – or a bathtub, as is the case with many marine mammals, perhaps coming out occasionally to perform tricks for a waiting audience.


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If you’ve got beautiful baby blues, you might even have to worry about an animal noticing – and, deciding to use them as part of a display to show off to their friends. Of course, you could always end up as the centerpiece for a holiday dinner or grilled up on a barbecue. Neighborhood a bit too crowded? When the population is on the rise, it might be time to cull the herd. The human herd that is.

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Disturbing? Yes. But maybe the next time you think about taking the kids to the circus or to that well-known aquatic theme park, you’ll consider what the animals have to suffer through on a daily basis.Photo Credit: via