These Cats Are Going Crazy For Cardboard Maze Made By Their Human Servant


When is the last time you spoiled your cats beyond their wildest dreams? Cats love playing in cardboard boxes, so you can only imagine how amped up your cat would be if they encountered an endless maze including rows of boxes. Talk about kitty cat heaven!

As if visualizing how much a cat would love this isn’t enough, we have proof via pictures and video that cats want nothing more than a cardboard maze. This cat owner went crazy creating a cardboard maze for her felines to freak out about. The photos and video say it all: these 9 cats are LOVING it!

The awesome cat owner that created this cat maze has 9 cats to please, and we have to say she does a very good job!


So clear away your living room furniture (the cats are more important anyways) and collect every box you can find out in the garage or around the neighborhood. Then, get ready to have some of the happiest cats in the world.

Jumping from box to box is so much fun, and when the kitties get tired they have endless options for napping… talk about a meow-friendly party!


Photo Credits:, YouTube

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