Canadian Couple Thought They Adopted A Mini-Pig, Until It Grew Up Into 670 Pounds Of Cuteness


Canadian couple Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter thought they were getting a little pygmy piglet when they first adopted Esther. Turns out, they got a lot more pig than they paid for. The adorable little pink pig just kept growing and growing, and within only two years weighed a whopping 667 pounds!

The couple’s “mini-pig” was actually a full-size commercial pig. After falling head over hooves for sweet Esther, the couple decided there was no way size would get in the way of their friendship.

When Steve and Derek first adopted Esther she was a tiny little thing that weighed only 3-pounds.


It didn’t take long (a mere 2-years) for little Esther to grow into a full-size pig that weighs around 670 pounds.


Despite the fact people often associate pigs with messes, pigs are said to be one of the cleanest animals, and they are mighty friendly as well. Steve and Derek adore their big pig so much they have both made the decision to become vegan, unable to digest the thought of eating an animal as awesome as their big girl Esther.

The inspiration and enlightenment Esther has brought this awesome couple didn’t end at their diet; they have also built an animal shelter in order to help even more animals.



Despite Esther’s unexpected size, there was no way these two were going to give her up, and the couple couldn’t be happier that they didn’t let Esther’s size get in the way of their love affair. The family dog and cat are also cool with their giant-sized pack member. Despite their vast differences, they all get along great.


After all, Esther the pig provides everyone with endless amounts of joy, laughter, and love.


Pigs are also known for their intelligence. Recent research has found that just like dolphins and apes, pigs also understand mirrors and can use them to find their food. Since pigs are among the smartest animals that can pass the “mirror self-recognition test,” it is believed that they show signs of self-awareness and advanced intelligence.

Esther’s loving parents quickly realized this intelligence, causing them to change their thoughts and actions in many ways.


The couple was able to raise $4440,225 dollars on Indiegogo in order to start their animal sanctuary. Esther’s story proves that while the world often serves you something much different than you planned for, the results can be life changing in the most beautiful, and heart warming of ways.


Raising a pig isn’t all fun and games though, just like any animal pigs can be a lot of work, especially a pig that is as large as Esther.



Esther loves to take naps and is so good at giving cuddles, but I have to wonder if she has ever accidentally rolled over on top of someone mid-snooze, now that would be painful!



When she’s not snoozing, Esther loves to eat insane amounts of food, just like any fat pig!


Esther also craves a lot of attention. If you ignore her for too long she just might find ways to get into a little bit of trouble.


No matter what Esther does though, she has a permanent place in her home and is a solid part of the family.



Esther has made a big impact on her two dads, and her story has also impacted people all over the world. Pigs are often put down and degraded, seen only as bacon or ham, but in reality pigs are so much more. Just like people they have feelings, are full of love, and are oh so adorable!


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