Canadian Artist Creates Armor For Cats And Mice Based On Different Historical Eras


Animal lovers, history buffs, and metal fans unite over this artist’s awesome metal armor made to fit cute little cats and mice. What started off as a fun side project turned into a 30-year endeavor, a work in progress that continues to grow and flourish. Meet Canadian artist Jeff de Boer, a man with an interesting talent for creating impressive metal armor for cats and mice based on different historical eras.

Jeff had no idea where his side project would take him 30-years ago, but today he has fashioned everything from Renaissance knight armor suits to Ancient Rome gladiator armor. In fact, throughout all of this time Jeff has made too many armor suits to count and recollect them all! Check out some of his amazing collection here…

Samurai Siamese



Jeff works with a number of different metals to create the armor suits, but he mostly relies on bronze and copper. Despite the fact these suits are made to fit little creatures they still take a lot of time to construct.

A suit made for a teeny-tiny little mouse can take as much as 10 to 40 hours. For larger cat armor the task can span as much as 50 to 200 hours!

Unfortunately, Jeff’s cat doesn’t take kindly to the personalized getup. The one time Jeff did try and dress his cat up in armor he ended up with plenty of battle wounds, from which he still has the scars. Too bad he didn’t make his own metal armor suit before he tried to dress his kitty-cat up!

Bat Cat




Considering mice and cats are some of the oldest enemies of all time, these highly detailed suits are exactly what they need to wear when they go to battle!

Dragon Cat




“I am a maker of things: things that are authentic, things that leave people with positive memories and the feeling that beauty and magic still have a place in our world. “ – Jeff de Boer

Crusader Army



Jeff was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1963. Growing up, his father was a professional tinsmith, teaching him early on just how much you can do with metal. By the time Jeff was only 5-years old he already picked out his life plan, he was going to be an artist.

Jeff started off drawing and painting as well as making objects, but it wasn’t until his last few years of high school that his attention turned more seriously to metal work. After making his first suit of armor he was hooked, and soon after graduating he went to work with a blacksmith to learn more tricks of the trade.

Tournament Cat


Jeff attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in jewelry design. Pairing his vast metal sculpting skills with the intricate detailing of jewelry creation, Jeff produced the world’s first ever suit of armor fit just for a mouse.

15th Century Maximilian Rat


Over the years Jeff has earned a reputation as an internationally respected multimedia artist capable of producing some of the most intricately sculpted works of art.



Other projects Jeff has taken on include armor ties for executives and space art, such as ray guns, rocket mice, and retro rocket lamps. Over the last 15-years, Jeff has also commissioned larger pieces for public spaces, such as a barbed wire bucking bronco, giant wind-up gun toys, and sculptures that utilize LED technology.

Tournament Cat




Tournament Mice



Persian Cat


White Knight Cat


Gladiator Cat Helmet


Edo Period Samurat General



Persian Cat and Crusader Mouse


Elven Princess




See Jeff’s favorite pieces in his book, Jeff de Boer.

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Photo Credits: jeffdeboer.comFacebook