Student Makes Friends With Campus Squirrels And Dresses Them In Cute Costumes


They say college is the place you discover your hidden talents and passions, for one Penn State student this couldn’t be truer. Mary Krupa has earned the nickname “Squirrel Whisperer” around campus, and for good reason… the campus squirrels adore her!

Squirrels, like other wild animals, do not want to be touched by humans and trying to touch one will likely end in being bit, but not for Ms. Krupa. When Krupa first arrived at Penn State she quickly realized that the campus squirrels allowed her to feed them and pet them. So she did what any awesome person would do in her position of squirrel power, she started dressing them up.

She started off putting little paper hats on her new nut-loving friends. In a YouTube interview Krupa says, “I’m a huge animal-lover, when I saw that the squirrels here are really so friendly to let you touch them, I figured, hm, well if the squirrel lets me touch it, maybe I can put a little hat on it.”

Krupa refers to four different female Eastern gray squirrels around campus as “Sneezy.” She says, “Whenever I find one that’s willing to cooperate and it lets me take pictures, then that one is basically Sneezy for the day.”

Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel is now a real icon around campus; in fact she even has her own Facebook page with over 36,000 likes. When you see these photos of “Sneezy” dressed up in hats (and other clothes) you’ll understand why so many people have fallen head over bushy-tail for Penn State Squirrels.

costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-52costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-31costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-50costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-2costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-69costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-68costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-27costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-56costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-43costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-9costume-squirrel-whisperer-sneezy-nary-krupa-37Squirrel lovers will go nuts over these adorable prints! 


Photo Credits: Facebook, YouTube

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