A Camera Fell Out Of An Airplane And Was Found 8 Months Later. You Have To See What It Captured.


Go Pro cameras are some very popular and widely used devices,

people loving to take them on their adventures, travels and escapades and then showcasing their videos to the world.

And these nifty cameras have resulted in some really impressive footage,

including this video where a skydiver accidently drops a Go Pro out of a plane.

Despite plummeting to the earth at a very fast rate,

the camera manages to survive the fall and produce an amazing video with a rather unexpected ending.




Watch it for yourself and see.

The footage starts out with the skydiver getting ready to jump out of the plane, a camera strapped on his head that gives viewers a shot of the earth below. While it’s a beautiful view, it’s nothing that most haven’t seen before, resembling what one would general see when peering out of any plane in its ascent.

However, it’s what comes next that’s truly astounding.

The image on the screen suddenly makes a drastic change as the Go Pro falls from the helmet, drops out of the plane, and starts to plummet to the earth in a dizzying display. The camera spins and spins as it falls from the sky, gathering speed and moving so fast that the frame rate can’t keep up, producing a crazy almost kaleidoscopic-like effect.

It finally begins to slow down though, the picture of the camera steadying and showing two slightly different angles of the world below. For a few moments, you can make out a clearer picture of the Go Pro’s surroundings.

Yet the earth starts to approach fast and, suddenly, the camera lands onto the ground, tumbles, and then stops. It doesn’t shatter or break though, despite its long fall. Instead, the device has a prime landing, with its lens facing up, and continues to film.

Right when you’re starting to think that this is the end of the Go Pro’s journey, perfectly on cue, a pig steps into the frame. You get a close up of the animal’s investigation of the intruding camera and detailed view of its face as it sniffs the object, eventually opening its mouth and trying to take a bite out of it.

Unfortunately for the pig, Go Pros aren’t edible. But, lucky for us, a farmer found the Go Pro in the pig pen 8 months later and managed to retrieve the video off of it.

There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not the video was a hoax though. Many people think the whole situation was just too perfect to really occur or that it would have been impossible for the Go Pro to have survived the fall.

You can’t blame them too much either, considering that the camera accidently detached from the sky diver’s helmet, continued to film as it fell, survived the long drop, landed perfectly face up, and a pig happened to walk up to it immediately. All of these lucky coincidences have people questioning the video’s authenticity.

Yet many others argue that Go Pros are built tough enough so that the mud of the pig pen would have provided a soft enough landing for it to remain intact after hitting the ground. Additionally, many aspects of the event have been confirmed by those involved in the story.

The farmer who found the camera, Mia Munselle, has reaffirmed that she picked up the Go Pro out of the pig pen and that she didn’t see it for so many months because she doesn’t spend a lot of time walking around inside the pen. Tandem skydiver Clif Jordan has also claimed that the camera did indeed fall out of the plane after becoming detached from the jumper’s helmet.

Either way, the video definitely has some great footage and a very surprising ending.

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