Adorable Bull Terrier Brothers Are Set To Take Over The World


One Staffordshire Bull Terrier is cute enough, but when you have two Bull Terriers the cuteness meter is set to overload. Meet Darren and Phillip, the most adorable Bull Terrier brothers you’ve ever seen. The pair from Australia look and act just like brothers, but they are actually not related by blood.

Owner Jennifer McLean adopted the “Blueboys” one year apart, but the moment they met it was love at first sight. Ever since the two have been inseparable. They love doing everything together, from snuggling up for a nap to dressing up and playing house.

Their Instagram account the_blueboys has over 90,000 followers, just to prove how nonstop adorable these two Bull Terriers really are. If you follow along you are sure to have your day made with the awesome photos and videos posted of the pair on a regular basis.


The adorable duo’s owner writes on Instagram: “These smiles and these faces are my world.”


“OMG Mum don’t you dare post that photo on Instagram!! We’re practically naked.”


The look of love!


“It’s no secret that we’re a massive fan of doggies doing people things. Wearing PJ’s has to be our favourite…”


“So we decided to take a proper family photo today and out of all the times I photograph these silly babies they just couldn’t get this right. Phillip was almost asleep and Darren took the term ‘sit up straight’ way too seriously! There was about 8 goes at it and this was the best of a bad bunch.”


True definition of best friends: They play together, love together… and even suffer together.

cute-dog-brothers-staffie-pit-bull-terriers-blueboys-6Happy birthday Mum… looks like someone is about to steal the birthday girl’s cake!




cute-dog-brothers-staffie-pit-bull-terriers-blueboys-70Don’t forget to follow Darren and Phillip on Instgram!

Photo Credits: Instagram

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