17 Breathtaking Satellite Photos That Will Change How You See Our World


Daily Overview is a fantastic new project that shares one satellite photo from Digital Globe each day.

They’re goal is try to change the way we see Earth by providing amazing views of the world in which we live in.

It’s no doubt that they provide some stunning photos that give viewers an alternate way to look at the world.

1. Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlandssatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-1

This small village has a population of 430 people and lies in the region of Westerwolde.

2. Barcelona, Spainsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-2

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, the country’s 2nd largest city, and the largest metropolis in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s rich with cultural history and amazing architecture.

3. 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Groupsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-3

Often called the boneyard, this site acts as an aircraft and missile storage and maintenance facility for the US Air Force.

It’s the largest aircraft storage and preservation facility in the world.

4. Central Park, New York City, New York, USAsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-4

Central Park is an urban park in New York City that spans 843 acres.

5.  New Bullards Bar Reservoir, Yuba County, California, USAsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-5

This large reservoir in northeastern Yuba County provides water to two hydroelectric plants.

6. Venice, Italysatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-6

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy that’s situated on a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges.

7. Vineyards, Huelva, Spainsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-7

The climate in Huelva is ideal for grape growing, with mild temperatures in winter and spring and long hot summers.

It’s no surprise that several grape varieties are grown in the area.

8. Durrat Al Bahrain, Bahrainsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-8

Durrat A Bahrain is the 2nd largest artificial island in Bahrain. When the project is completed, it will consist of 15 islands.

9. Amazon Rainforest Deforestation, Para, Brazilsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-9

In this photo of Para, a state in northern Brazil, it’s easy to see the effects of deforestation.

10. Boca Raton, Florida, USAsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-10

Boca Raton lies on the shores of Palm Beach County in Florida. It has a small town charm and features Mediterranean Revival architecture.

11. Agricultural Development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopiasatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-11

Addis Ababa is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia.

12.  Palm Island/Hibiscus Island, Miami Beach, Florida, USAsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-12

These 2 residential neighborhoods in South Beach are man-made islands situated in the Biscayne Bay.

13. Spaghetti Junction (A-3 and M-50), Madrid, Spainsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-13

Where the A-3 and M-50 highways come together are interwoven crossroads, giving the spot its popular name, Spaghetti Junction.

14. Brondby Haveby, Brondby Municipality, Denmarksatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-14

Also called Brondby Garden City, this community is located just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. Houses with large front yards are centered around cul-de-sacs.

15. Terraced Rice Paddies, Yuanyang County, Yunnan, Chinasatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-15

The Yunnan province in China is known for its rice-paddy terracing. The mountains have been cultivated for the crop for at least the past 1,300 years by Hani people.

16. Edson, Kansas, USAsatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-16

Edson is an unincorporated community that’s located in Sherman County in Kansas.

17. Central Pivot Irrigation Fields, Ha’il, Saudi Arabiasatellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-17

In Ha’il, circular patterns occur as the crops are watered by overhead sprinklers that are mounted to motor-driven, rotating towers.