Brave Man Saves Drowning Baby Moose, Reunites It With Mom

baby moose man

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If you thought chivalry was dead, think again. Logan Snyder is definitely one of the good guys. The Wasila, Alaska man took his boat out on the river the other day and spotted something brown and furry bobbing along in the water. At first, he thought it was a beaver, but as he got closer, the animal didn’t swim away so he realized something wasn’t right.

Logan told The Dodo, “As I got closer, it didn’t dive, which is what a beaver always does. So I idled my boat and started looking at it, and I was like ‘What the heck?’ Every once in a while I could see an ear come up, and I thought ‘That’s a moose calf!'”

The baby moose had fallen into the water and could hardly keep his nose above the surface to breathe. Logan didn’t hesitate. He stepped in to help while the moose’s mother watched from the bank. An adult moose, especially a defensive mom, is not one you want to mess with, but he took the risk anyway, helping the baby out of the water and into his boat.

For a while, Logan said, the baby barely moved, laying motionless on the boat’s bow. After coughing up water and regaining strength, the 25 pound baby, likely just days old, was gradually able to support his own weight and nuzzle his nose up his rescuer as if to thank him for saving his life.

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Once the moose was well enough to return to land, Logan knew he needed to return him to mom, so he steered his boat along the shore and hoisted him up. “I idled up next to the bank, which was about four feet tall, and placed her up on top of the bank on the same side as her mom,” he said. “She started walking towards her, and I got out of there so she would feel safe.”

The moose was lucky that someone like Logan happened to be in the right place at the right time – and the Alaskan native said he was honored to help.