Mom Adopts All Of Her Best Friend’s Daughters After She Dies From Brain Cancer


Elizabeth Diamond was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer in August 2014. As a single mother of four daughters she was extremely worried about what would happen to her children if she didn’t survive. Laura Ruffino, Elizabeth’s best friend since 5th grade, made a promise that if anything happened to her she would be there for her children as if they were her very own.

“She said if anything ever happens to me I want you to take my girls and I instantly said ok.”

In April of 2015, less than a year after her original diagnoses, Elizabeth passed away. Thankfully, her best friend Laura was there to make good on her promise. Laura’s family of 4 (her husband, and two children) just doubled in size, and her daughters just got four new sisters.

The family lives in Orchard Park, NY, a generous community that has stepped up to help Laura fulfill her promise to her very best friend. A YouCaring campaign was set up for the Ruffino-Diamond family and has already raised over $110,000.

mom-adopts-4-daughters-brain-cancer-death-best-friends-elizabeth-diamond-laura-ruffino-8“As she started to weaken you can imagine the fears that I had for the girls and being without her.”

mom-adopts-4-daughters-brain-cancer-death-best-friends-elizabeth-diamond-laura-ruffino-6Elizabeth Diamond was only 40-years-old when she passed away from brain cancer, leaving behind four beautiful daughters, Tara, Samona, Ella and Lilyan. In life Elizabeth was a motivational speaker, author, artist and devoted single mom.

mom-adopts-4-daughters-brain-cancer-death-best-friends-elizabeth-diamond-laura-ruffino-3Elizabeth dedicated her life to helping others live their healthiest, happiest life and was a proud member of the Buffalo Wellness Center. She now lives on through the legacy of her children, and thanks to the Ruffino family their future is looking very bright.

mom-adopts-4-daughters-brain-cancer-death-best-friends-elizabeth-diamond-laura-ruffino-11“Elizabeth chose the Ruffino family to raise her daughters in the event of her death. She knew they would learn more of the same life lessons Elizabeth treasured.”


The Ruffino family is more than happy to open their doors and hearts to these girls, but raising 6 girls is no easy (or affordable) task. This big-hearted family has plenty of plans up their sleeve to make it work. For one they plan to renovate the garage into two extra bedrooms so that the girls have more space and privacy.

mom-adopts-4-daughters-brain-cancer-death-best-friends-elizabeth-diamond-laura-ruffino-1Any donation helps the Ruffino and Diamond family. You can learn more and donate through the YouCaring page, or by contacting Kristen Cooper, President of The Buffalo Wellness Center at (716)-777-9639, or by email:

mom-adopts-4-daughters-brain-cancer-death-best-friends-elizabeth-diamond-laura-ruffino-10Laura says, “Ten years ago I didn’t think this would be my life. But if something gets thrown at you just accept the challenge and do the best you can.”

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