Boy and Pet Duck Share Sweet Friendship, Duck Excitedly Waits For Him at School Bus

duck boy

Photo Credit: Facebook The Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles

They say a dog is a man’s best friend but in this case at least, it’s a pet duck. A 10-year-old boy from California has a duck named Nibbles who starts quacking excitedly as he waits for his human best friend to get off the school bus.

Nibbles hates to be apart from his human, but, of course, Jonny has to go to school. The video that’s going viral shows just how excited the duck gets when Johnny arrives back from school.

Nibbles is an 11-month-old duck who’s known Jonny since the day he hatched. His mother died before he hatched, and imprinted on him as he was the first person he saw when coming into the world. Ever since, they’ve been inseparable, swimming in Jonny’s plastic pool together and even riding on his dirt bike, playing tag or just hanging out and watching TV.

Their bond has been filmed by Jonny’s mom, Jamie Toschi, who adds new videos of the two best friends on YouTube and has a Facebook page called The Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles.

While your first thought, after saying “Ahhhhhh,” anyway, may be to wonder just how messy it is to have a duck running around the house, Nibbles can around freely without worry because he wears a specially-created duck diaper harness made out of a black swimsuit-like material and has a waterproof liner that keeps him dry, while a piece of baby diaper or sanitary napkin absorbs the poop until it gets changed.

Jamie also wrote on her Facebook page that Jonny has special needs and she believes “Nibbles can sense that and makes their bond even stronger.”