Booboo And Her Friends Are The Most Adorable Guinea Pigs On The Internet


Meet Booboo –

an adorable blonde guinea pig who acts as a muse to 23 year old Dutch photographer Megan van der Elst.

Megan features a wide collection of photographs of Booboo and her friends on her blog,Lieveheersbeestje.

If you love all things small and furry, it’s worth taking a look!



Despite their name, guinea pigs are a species of rodent and aren’t in the pig family. Originating in the Andes, the creatures have widespread popularity as household pets in Western societies. Their docile nature and relative ease of care make them a favored little companion.


According to Megan, Booboo weighs about 1kg and is around 2 years old. Her favorite foods are chicory and carrots, and she loves to spend her days eating and posing for the camera.



Megan has several incredibly cute photos of Booboo, executed so well they look like shots straight out of a guinea pig fashion magazine. She sports small accessories like flowers, glasses, and bows, and is shot in a variety of poses, from lying on the grass to relaxing in a little pink tub.



On her blog, Megan explains that her animals are very calm, making it easy to capture photos of Booboo and the other guinea pigs sitting so still. “They just don’t move a lot in front of the camera, I guess I am lucky with that,” she says, also adding, “She [Booboo] also doesn’t walk, stays if you put her somewhere till you pick her up again.”


While she’s a great model for the camera, Booboo doesn’t get along too well with other guinea pigs. “She’s not that social to other guinea pigs”, Megan states. “I would say [she’s] a spirited lady.” She also says that Booboo is “quite spoiled and often not interested in things”. But, apparently, those little quirks just give her a “strong and unique character”. Plus, the guinea pig is an ideal fit for Megan’s photographic endeavors. “She’s the perfect model, cooperative, versatile and very relaxed,” she says of Booboo.



At the moment, Booboo lives with another female guinea pig, Teddy, in an Eco Habitat. However, she formerly lived with a different guinea pig, Titi, who now resides with Megan’s sister.