Live on the Edge in this Futuristic, Bond Villain Home Hidden Into a Cliff

casa brutale 1

Looking for a super-villain’s lair? Casa Brutale, a striking minimalist house that’s carved right into a cliff face on the Tuscany coast, may be your perfect new home.

A pair of Greek architects, Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos, have created this stunning design that perfectly complements the powerful concrete style known as brutalism, embedding their luxury brutalist home into a cliff, creating a severe yet inviting structure with a magnificent, yet somewhat terrifying view.

Casa Brutale provides wall-to-wall water and concrete just above the Aegean Sea in what OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) promises will be a literally ground-breaking development.

The architects who formed OPA Works together, envisioned the building concept as a “poetic homage to pure Brutalism.”

The roof-top pool, found at ground level, and underground walls help insulate the building and keep it cool.





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With jaw-dropping features like these, OPA chose to keep the rest restrained. Simple, raw concrete surfaces and slabs set off by aged wood and steel form the rest of the project, placing an open living area around the main stairs and a master bedroom on the mezzanine floor, making the spectacular water views perfectly visible from the bed, which is also made of cast concrete. The entire thing is cooled by the landscape and the swimming pool. Thanks to the design’s clever twist, aside from the large chunk of rock removed from the cliff, there’s very little impact on the landscape.