Meet Bob the Dog Whose Best Friends Are Birds and a Hamster

Bob Dog Feature

Photo Credits: Bob Golden Retriever Facebook

You might recall a recent post about an owlet and kitten who were best buddies, but this dog whose best friends are eight birds and a hamster may even steal the show from that adorable pair.

Bob is an obviously very friendly golden retriever, whose love knows no bounds. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil, along with his human, a hamster and eight pet birds. The cuddly canine has started to attract attention on Instagram (@Bob_goldenretriever) after posting pics of himself posing peacefully with his unique roommates, traveling the world, and generally just being super cute.

Ok, well, it may have been his owner who posted the images, but you never know. Golden Retrievers are pretty intelligent dogs.

bob owner

bob hamster bird

bob birds

Like humans, dogs have different personalities and temperaments. Some are playful, some are shy. Some bark or growl at every stranger they see, while others are extremely caring and can even be trusted to watch over little humans.

Some, even enjoy the company of little critters. While dogs are biologically predators that are equipped with strong teeth, muscles and instinct to go after smaller animals, a few dogs have such loving personalities they get along just fine with cats, rabbits, or even tinier creatures like hamsters and birds.

Bob is most definitely one of those gentle giants, and it’s not too surprising that he seems to be winning the hearts of Instagrammers around the world.

bob birds sleeping

bob hamster

bob hamster2