10 most picturesque locations around the world to enjoy a boat ride

Longboat Photo Credit- Adrian Evans

It’s increasingly becoming easier to fly quickly and comfortably to remotest corners of the world. While most people focus on reaching the destination, there are a few who like to savour the journey instead. These are the people who like to travel slow and easy. They like to spend hours watching the sunset or simply walking the length and breadth of the small town they have been living in for over a week. These are the people who do not bother with sea-planes or charters to reach an island. These are the people who find joy in chugging trains and swinging boat rides.

It is for them that we present here, 10 most picturesque locations around the world to enjoy a boat ride.

1. Halong Bay Sails, Vietnam

Halong Bay Sails Photo Credit- Rick Piper PhotographyPhoto Credit- Rick Piper Photography

Cruise boats with red and yellow sails, Halong Bay, Vietnam.

2. Crystal Clarity, Maldives 

Crystal Clarity Maldives Photo Credit- Jenny RainbowPhoto Credit- Jenny Rainbow

Crystal clear Indian Ocean water in Maldives. Absolutely fantastic destination to enjoy a boat ride !

3. Venetian Dawn, Italy

Venetian Dawn Photo Credit- Rod McLeanPhoto Credit- Rod McLean

Gondolas moored near Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

4. Vernazza Harbor, Italy

Vernazza Harbor Photo Credit- Inge JohnssonPhoto Credit- Inge Johnsson

Boats in Vernazza marina. Vernazza is a small town in Italy’s Cinque Terre National Park.

5. Longboat, Thailand

Longboat Photo Credit- Adrian EvansPhoto Credit- Adrian Evans

Wooden Thai longboat moored off the beautiful coast of Koh Lanta in the straits of malacca, Thailand

6. End Of The Day, USA

End Of The Day Photo Credit- Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit- Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Old wooden canoes rest at day’s end, water-logged and sun-bleached. Night-time is falling and the sun is setting on a placid lake. This is Lake Jackson in Sebring, Florida.

7. Boat In Ocean, French Polynesia

Boat In Ocean Photo Credit- M Swiet ProductionsPhoto Credit- M Swiet Productions

White boat floating on turquoise water in Bora Bora near Tahiti, French Polynesia.

8. Sailboats, USA

Puget Sound Sailboats Photo Credit- Inge JohnssonPhoto Credit- Inge Johnsson

Sailboats and kayaks in the Puget Sound, along the northwestern coast of the U.S. state of Washington.

9. Seascape, Philippines

Seascape Photo Credit- MotHaiBaPhoto PrintsPhoto Credit- MotHaiBaPhoto Prints

10. At The Sandbar, USA

At The Sandbar Photo Credit- Dan McManusPhoto Credit- Dan McManus

Boats at the Kaneohe bay sandbar- a raised strip of land in the middle of the bay. At high tide, the water is just above the waist and at low tide the sand is completely exposed !